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Hi Gert-Jan,
The marketing committee is quite dormant, so pretty much any suggestion 
you put forward which you are prepared to make happen yourself will be fine.

In the past, OSGeo has made use of cafepress for shirts, hats, etc:

You might want to look into that, or find something similar.

I'd suggest also consider distributing an OSGeo-Live USB. (8 Gig or 
larger). This is a great marketing pipeline for each of the projects on 
OSGeo-Live. It can also be used in workshops. And delegates can use it 
when they go back to their organisations and are asked to give a 
presentation about the conference to their workmates. The OSGeo-Live 
presentation is on the USB.

On 22/11/2015 5:25 am, Gert-Jan van der Weijden - Stichting OSGeo.nl wrote:
> HI marketing committee (and possibly other marketeers),
> In the preparations for FOSS4G 2016 we are gathering ideas for 
> marketing materials.
> Across our minds came items such as:
> - beermats (with OSGeo logo) - to be distributed in the café in Bonn!
> - Rubik cube's (with osgeo logo, and logos of projects), for sale
> - RFID card blocking card holder
> We even thought of starting an OSGeo webshop for this!
> All of these could be made in FOSS4G 2016 editions, but are also 
> possible in a more generic OSGeo-style.
> We would like to hear what the generic OSGeo marketing ambitions are. 
> If that's close to zero, we'll focus on 2016-specifc marketing.
> (Perhaps this generic marketing ambition is subject to change 
> depending on the outcome of the Board's face2face meeting in January?)
> Kind regards,
> Gert-Jan
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