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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 07:19:59 PST 2016

think we have a cart before horse here - I would not expect a breakdown of
costs until there are quotes to work against?

To arrive at this number in the last marketing
<https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Marketing_Meeting_2016-11-25> meeting Jeff
went through some examples he had negotiated for prior projects. Jeff and
Marc were also comparing the price in their respective neighbourhoods for
this kind of work.

>From the notes:
- marketing plan
- branding guide
- website templates (cms, wiki, sphinx, etc...)
- help migrating the content
- collateral for exhibit packs

I also expect that SAC should seek more budget for 2017 to have capacity to
take part in this initiative. They may wish to chose a different platform
for example? I quite like QGIS and OSGeo live working with sphinx and pull

Jody Garnett

On 15 December 2016 at 06:59, Massimiliano Cannata <
massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch> wrote:

> Actually I have always been a strong promoter of refactoring/refreshing
> OSGeo website which looks really sad to me. And I still want a new
> website.. but not at the proposed costs...
> The point is that 75k is really crazy...
> The whole 1 year OSGeo budget for marketing only? No kidding...
> 50k for design the new website? It really cost 6 months/man work to do it?
> ...and with a salary of 100k a year I expect a professional web designer...
> I would expect at least a full breakdown of costs to motivate such a
> request.
> As always this is just another point of view, my angle of course...
> Maxi
> Il 15 dic 2016 12:53 AM, "Marc Vloemans" <marcvloemans1 at gmail.com> ha
> scritto:
>> Aside from all the 'joking'; the expectation that volunteers are willing
>> to clean up our online legacy is stretching it too far. Otherwise the
>> Website Committee would not have deteriorated over time with the last
>> member leaving a month ago. And no one willing to take over.
>> Our design looks worn out, the site is a total mess (navigation, texts,
>> logic, links and what not). That needs some serious and professional
>> approach and execution. With the volunteers managing the process on behalf
>> of OSGeo, providing texts and other site material, getting outdated
>> unusable downloads for collateral sorted out etc etc.
>> With the Marketing Committee - after some hesitance - willing to tackle
>> the problems, it would be unwise to send any disheartening and demotivating
>> signals and thus send these ready-for-action-volunteers into the woods.
>> Please take this advice to heart and read for volunteers 'last of the
>> Mohicans'.
>> Kind regards,
>> Marc Vloemans
>> Op 15 dec. 2016 om 00:03 heeft Massimiliano Cannata <
>> massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch> het volgende geschreven:
>> Ha.... 75k is equal to 75,000 USD?
>> Wow... so marketing will manage all the OSGeo yearly budget?
>> Didn't know we are a marketing foundation :-)
>> Cheers
>> Maxi
>> Il 14 dic 2016 11:00 PM, "Marc Vloemans" <marcvloemans1 at gmail.com> ha
>> scritto:
>> Board
>> To facilitate tomorrow's discussion and decision in the board I have done
>> a little rewrite of Jody's earlier discussion piece. I put it more
>> explicitly into a following order of dependiencies. Further explanation and
>> back ground can be given by Jody during your meeting based on his
>> discussions with the Committee.
>> The Marketing Committee has revamped itself with a new membership and
>> intention to act upon a comprehensive marketing strategy. The committee now
>> seeks a mandate and executive responsibility for:
>> 1) establishing and executing a medium term marketing strategy geared at
>> growing our community with new users, as determined in the marketing
>> strategy for OSGeo-outreach, by means of;
>> A - a new website and logo design (2017)
>> B - a clean up of existing/preparation of new marketing collateral (2017)
>> C - ongoing support for events e.g. downloadable marketing collateral,
>> event formats etc (ongoing) via the website
>> Resources needed to fulfil the tasks:
>> - the new volunteers in the Marketing Committee for managing the project
>> under item A and executing item B.
>> - a budget of total 75k Dollar, of which 50k is for item A, 10k for item
>> B and 10k for occasional event banners/flyers and Live-CD/USB sticks (e.g.
>> Foss4g booths) and 5k for miscellaneous activities/purchases (e.g.
>> MailChimp account for FOSS4G's).
>> Kind regards,
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