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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 12:21:10 PST 2016

Your point on responsibility for ongoing content is well taken; and
something for the larger OSGeo community to consider. While the marketing
committee is focused on user outreach content each year; each group has
their own content to manage (for example the OSGeo board has press

Note that even in cases where committees  "need to ask if someone would
like to get paid for it" ... a volunteer to set up those contracts and
manage the resulting relationship. You can look to SAC as a committee that
is experiment (successfully) with this approach.

I am personally hesitant to pay members of our community to work for fear
of setting up a strained relationship. OSGeo does have some prior
experience hiring an employee; when we had more funds. Hiring (even a part
time employee or contractor) needs to be done very carefully and have a
clear contract. We do not want to put them in a position of reporting to
(or being asked to meet) the wide range of expectations we have here
online. *I know even for the very brief work the geoserver-devel team set
up (migrating from codehaus) the goal posts changed midway through the
project. I wish we had negotiated better to better share the technical risk
and manage community expectations.*

We are wandering a bit away from the topic at hand, which is to ask
committees to get their budget requests in so the board can plan 2017. If
anyone is passionate about marketing please join the marketing committee;
if anyone would like to help with the 2017 budget there is a committee set
up to help Micheal Smith (our treasurer).
Jody Garnett

On 15 December 2016 at 19:23, Daniel Kastl <daniel at georepublic.de> wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 12:19 AM, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> think we have a cart before horse here - I would not expect a breakdown
>> of costs until there are quotes to work against?
>> To arrive at this number in the last marketing
>> <https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Marketing_Meeting_2016-11-25> meeting Jeff
>> went through some examples he had negotiated for prior projects. Jeff and
>> Marc were also comparing the price in their respective neighbourhoods for
>> this kind of work.
>> From the notes:
>> - marketing plan
>> - branding guide
>> - website templates (cms, wiki, sphinx, etc...)
>> - help migrating the content
>> - collateral for exhibit packs
> I fully agree with Jody's first sentence.
> But I also think that an estimated budget of 70.000 USD is totally
> realistic ... if your neighborhood is where the board members live or
> people involved in this discussion.
> The point is, that 150 USD is maybe the hourly wage for a developer in
> North America or Europe, but it can be an average monthly salary elsewhere.
> I thought OSGeo is a global community, so why not ask local chapters to
> ask in their local communities, if someone or a group of people would be
> interested to work on this continuously and make a living out of it?
> Companies outsource work like website development to places, where
> development costs are lower, but OSGeo doesn't need to "outsource" to
> unknown subcontractors. We just need to ask to the communities, if someone
> would be interested and get paid for it. There is no reason that this needs
> to be done in North America or Europe.
> I would find it bad to pay a rather large amount of money in one year
> (only), then maybe having not enough budget the next years to maintain the
> site.
> There is nothing worse than a one-times investment and then let the
> website get outdated over years. If we start with too high costs, the
> maintenance costs will probably remain high as well.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
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> Georepublic UG & Georepublic Japan
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