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Basques, Bob (CI-StPaul) bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Mon Mar 7 06:24:48 PST 2016


Should this request be run through this list first?



On Mar 4, 2016, at 4:38 PM, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com<mailto:jody.garnett at gmail.com>> wrote:

Question here, does this go to the board, or to the marketing committee (which we supply with a budget).

Jody Garnett

On 4 March 2016 at 13:18, Basques, Bob (CI-StPaul) <bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us<mailto:bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us>> wrote:

Board Members,

Can you please consider the following request for funding of OSGeo-Live thumb drives for attendees to a regional Geo Conference being put on in May.



On Mar 4, 2016, at 11:04 AM, Steven Feldman <shfeldman at gmail.com<mailto:shfeldman at gmail.com>> wrote:

Conference Committee holds no budget Bob

Suggest you ask the board

On 4 Mar 2016, at 16:01, Basques, Bob (CI-StPaul) <bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us<mailto:bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us>> wrote:


First, let me know if this is the wrong list to request from.

We’re holding a regional Geo conference and would like to include a OSGeo-Live thumb drive in each attendees goody bag.  So, please consider this an official request for funding of OSGeo Live Thumb Drives for the event.

This is a multi- discipline, multi-state event for all things Geo.  60 confirmed presenters.  This will be a highly knowledgable audience and because of the varied subject matter it will be an excellent venue to get the word out about OSGeo and it’s mission, via the OSGeo Live project.  More info about the event can be seen here:


We’ve planned for 350 attendees.  We can make our own thumb drives, and/or pay to have them made ourselves.  We’ve handed these out in the past and will also include a getting started cheat sheet for each user to get them going with the least amount of effort.

I haven’t checked lately for the going rate on these.  Local suppliers are advertising ~$5 each for an 8GB USB3.0 blank drive.

Request is for $2000 ($1750 for Drives, $250 for copying the OSGeo Live suite to each).

Related, my submission of the OSGeo Live presentation has been accepted at the event, and there will also be a (free) GeoMOOSE workshop.


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