[Marketing] Get Interactive Workshop at FOSS4G Boston

Jeffrey Lasut j.lasut at getinteractive.nl
Fri Apr 7 07:32:49 PDT 2017

Hi Guido,

Following the outcome of the tender we had a Kick-Off meeting last Tuesday.
During our meeting, Jody Garnett and Jeffrey Johnson pointed out one of the
milestones; the FOSS4G conference in Boston and they suggested we contacted
you directly.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide us with some
information regarding the conference in Boston for us to start preparing
for the one-day-workshop we are requested to organize.

Please could you advise on the following points:


   What day and time is the FOSS4G workshop scheduled for?

   Which day can we be scheduled?

   Who supplies the workshop materials? (beamer, computer/notebook, cables,

   How long are the workshops?

We would appreciate your help in this matter, and we look forward to
working with you.

Jeffrey Lasut
Get Interactive
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