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Jody, others, 




After reading the Google sheet I think we miss a few audiences:


1. I'd extend the "Esri GIS Professional" to "GIS Professional" in general, for 2 reasons:

One reason is that there's more in life than ArcGIS and open source: think of Mapinfo, Smallworld, Geomedia and others (with by the way a very different range of companies and ecosystems behind them; Esri does both internationally and locally a great job in creating and maintaining their own, large ecosystem


The other reason is that it's good to keep our FOSS4G users "within the family", keeping existing user informed on new exiting possibilities prevents them from switching to ArcGIS or other proprietary products


2. GIS professionals come in 2 main flavours

a. Geo-ICT professionals, with focus on the technical side.

b. End-users of GIS software for a specific purpose, with a more business oriented goal in mind ("business" as specific work to carry out)

I think they require different messages, and perhaps different channels


3. GIS/Geo-ICT consultants.

Those beautiful people with a broad insight in both open source and proprietary software for geospatial, and who use their overwhelming knowledge to advise others (private companies as well as government agencies) as in setting up and maintaining a GIS




Kind regards,


Gert-Jan (Geo-ICT consultant)




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We have an action item to update the visitor journey document, this is currently delaying further work on website wireframes.


I spent a lot of today's meeting getting clarifications about intent (since some of the marketing language  is unfamiliar to me and I did not want to do the wrong thing). I expect that Get Interactive has had the same meeting sequentially with Marc, Jeffrey Johnson, and now myself :)


Jeffrey you hand an on-boarding meeting scheduled for May 2nd for our new volunteers - can I hijack that to work on this document (since this is literally why we need new volunteers)?



 <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KX8Li3DMP5nbrE2QZyw23pAhDzVxsCoQ3x1-XwD_w60/edit?usp=drive_web>  Visitor Journey OSGeo v1



Jody Garnett

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