[Marketing] draft response to shortlisted agencies

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 09:47:54 PST 2017

Quick heads up - the response to shortlisted agencies did not go out over
the weekend, so we will need to draft up a letter to send.

What do we need to say:

a) start a good doc so we can comment/collaborate faster than the wiki
b) outline the letter details (what we are requesting finance / technical /
schedule variations)
c) have a paragraph specific to each response thanking them for the parts
they did really well (samples above and below our budget, explicitly
answering acceptance criteria, hunting down our logos for use in their EOI).

Please respond to this email with anything I missed? If you have time
create the document (and send invitation privately to marketing committee

Jody Garnett

PS. Jeffery I know you are out of the mix today, can we ask you to review
the result and send it?
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