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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
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Speaking as a member of both marketing and osgeo-live committees,

I think it is appropriate to use the OSGeo logo and not OSGeo-Live logo 
for this OSGeo-Live release. As Jody says, OSGeo-Live won't have moved 
to the new OSGeo logo yet, and I think it best to use the new OSGeo 
branding for FOSS4G. I also think we shouldn't confuse messages by 
providing 2 logos.


On 11/7/17 1:39 am, Jody Garnett wrote:
> It is fine to use the new osgeo logo, I think osgeo live is okay if 
> you do not use their new logo (in part because they are experimenting 
> with what is appropriate).
> On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 7:54 AM Guido Stein <gstein at appgeo.com 
> <mailto:gstein at appgeo.com>> wrote:
>     Hey Marketing folks,
>     I wanted to run something by you.
>     We, the FOSS4G Boston 2017 LOC are working on producing USB drives
>     with Academic conference proceedings and OSGeo Live content. I am
>     in the process of getting the final quotes and putting together
>     some designs. I would like to use the following logos on the
>     outside of the drive:
>     http://imgur.com/SXhodcN
>     This design has our logo, the new logo of OSGeo but does not have
>     the OSGeo Live Logo.
>     1) Is it ok that we use the new OSGeo logo?
>     2) Is it ok that we don't use an OSGeo Live Logo?
>     There is not a lot of space for logos and since this usb is being
>     created for this specific event and includes non-OSGeo Live
>     content I think it is more appropriate to use the OSGeo logo.
>     Since OSGeo Live has their logo on the desktop of their Lubuntu
>     screen I believe that they will be correctly attributed for their
>     contribution to the drive.
>     If you think there is a better way to handle this please let me
>     know and I will do my best to set this up.
>     Thank you for your feedback,
>     Guido
>     p.s. I am sending this to the OSGeo Marketing group and to some of
>     FOSS4G team. My goal is to be open about what we are planning and
>     do my best to include input from the community in our branding
>     efforts. Also, I hope that Astrid will chime in as she is on both
>     the Marketing and OSGeo Live teams.
>     p.p.s I am working with Astrid to get the next release of the
>     OSGeo Live image onto our FOSS4G drive, but there is a chance
>     based on timing with our vendor that we may not be able to wait
>     for the next release.
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