[Marketing] questions from foss4g europe meetings

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 22:11:29 PDT 2017

We had one question coming out of the* osgeo board meeting*.

   - Q: For the events (and keeping track of them all) is there a map of
   the event locations (similar to member map and geoforall lab map)?

We two questions coming out of the *geoforall BOF*:

A lot of discussion about ease of use, existing setup assumed labs could
operate a wiki and instead the regional volunteers are doing it. Request to
make a web form, those with word press experience indicated the geoforall
lab page template would be much easier than wiki.

   - Q: For the map of geoforall labs, do they fill in the lab lat/lon as
   part of the form?

   - Q: For training, Boston is too expensive for many to attend, will
   there be a video of how to use wordpress for osgeo volunteers?

aside: I checked the contract about knowledge transfer occuring in July; I
would like to make sure Peter is included so he can answer geoforall

Jody Garnett
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