[Marketing] code sprint, content migration, generation starts now

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 02:29:19 PDT 2017

Okay at the FOSS4G Europe code sprint and setting up shop.

1) Jeffrey has started some google forms to quickly stage content for beta
website. I will review, add descriptions and ask the people here to play
test (and we can share with discuss at osgeo.org at the end of the day).

2) Website/Rebranding presentation -> will upload to slide share.

3) Beta website URL has been provided during last meeting; apparently I can
share this?


- this is three days old - fun to see it all come together
- I am unable to login from my current location; although I was sent
- It shows work done in the last several days (website, geoforall and some
placeholders exist

4) drupal website database and directories

- Jeff McKenna has access, hope to catch up with him today, but there is a
zoo-project sprint

5) schedule

Our schedule
has the following actions for OSGeo:

   - June 14th (done): Confirm date website training at FOSS4G by Guido
   - June 28th: Acceptance/test LDAP server
   - June 28th: Acceptance WordPress webserver
   - July 26th: Production WordPress webserver
   - July 27th: Start acceptance testing
   - August 2th: Deliver feedback from initial users
   - August 9th: Knowledge transfer, training of OSGeo stakeholders

6) Astrid is helping people write information sheets using the SVG here:


(we do not have a template yet but this is "good").

7) For those at the code sprint:

- Brochure meeting improvements 1pm (and send email to marketing)
- Website content form review 3pm (and send to discuss at osgeo.org)

Jody Garnett
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