[Marketing] content creation: site map and content inventory

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 09:33:03 PDT 2017

So a couple weeks ago (before foss4ge) I asked if we could take an
inventory of what content we have where (website, wiki, whatever) and what
content we need to write.

Here is that spreadsheet taking shape now (marketing committee members
please edit rather than comment and expect a discussion):
 Site Map and Content Inventory
*Jeffrey Lasut* I can see that your developers are copying and pasting from
the website in order to have something - thank you. I will try and get a
login sorted so I can help out next week. Can I ask for a review of the
above spreadsheet - while it is based on the latest wireframe we have
(sitemap_v4.pdf) I do not think the sitemap is up to date (as last week's
meeting showed some troubles about where to locate service providers).

*Jeffrey Johnson* looks like you have edit (congrats). If I can write some
corrections for the home page can you apply them? I also have a "notes"
column where we can track which groups we have sent email to in order not
to duplicate work.

-  I have not been able to sort out a login for myself, and the general
osgeo id login has not been connected
- Content migration from the old website has stalled (no volunteer from sys
admin committee to help out)

Jody Garnett
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