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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 15:33:32 PDT 2017

Astrid I wanted to check if we were both being asked (or assumed) to be
handling printing for Boston? I kind of hoped it was handled, but Marc took
off on holiday :) With Boston two weeks away we may be cutting it close to
get both materials printed locally, and collect any revisions the team had
after foss4ge.

Hunting through email here was Marc's shopping list - $1500 USD for the

   1. two roll up banners
   2. general 4 page folder (1000, shiny finish)
   3. stickers (shot finish)
   4. (Marc already has a table cloth)

Options for printing:
- recommended printer trade.4over.com that can ship to Boston
- Michael Smith used Office Max to print for us at OSCon
- Any others ...


Marc has requested, and I have received the following:
- sticker 85x55mm-def.pdf
- sticker 98x98mm-def.pdf

These were used in foss4ge - and were a bit large for my tastes (people
have small laptops now).

*Action: *Ask Jeffrey Johnson if he has the smaller stickers to include in
the print run.


Marc has requested, and I have received the following:
- rollupbanner1-def.pdf 22.5 MB (so print ready) "osgeo" banner
- rollupbanner2-def.pdf 37.8 MB (so print ready) "open source compass"

*A3 Brochure *- Print 200

Marc has requested, and I have recieved:
- osgeo-broucher-def.pdf 24 MB (so print ready)

We have a draft here:
- https://github.com/OSGeo/osgeo/blob/master/marketing/print/brochure_a3.pdf
- This does not match exactly what is printed (due to use of low resolution

*action: *We need a copy of this for US Sizes (not A4) because Boston? Or
do we may extra for a non standard size...

Luca is working on revising the a3 content:
- https://github.com/lucadelu/osgeo/tree/brochure_svg/
- these are cut down draft graphics not suitable for printing
- the full resolutions background images are in github, perhaps use of svg
image element could be used
- page 2-3 has some errors, the "open geospatial content" needs to go big
or go home - not use in a quote box
- page 4-6 thanks for fixing bold text, the project logos do not look good,
especially geonetwork on its white background. I think we would need to use
logo+name consistently for this to work. Let us be content to hand out
project information sheets if there is more interest in a specific project.
You had some feedback on "turn-key" / "integrated" solutions - perhaps
calling them all "web mapping?"
- page 6-7 hard to make the foss4g logo to work (since no other sections
have logos, even though they have sub brands). We can remove the bullet
points for foss4g. FOSS4G Section will need to happen after Local Chapters
(since text refers to local chapter to learn more about local events).
Software Foundation - can turn the block into two normal bullet points.
Picture of people is from a code sprint - not a foss4g event and held in a
laptop. I think we will need a different picture ( https://flic.kr/p/7rmX59
or the boat pic so it looks like a party https://flic.kr/p/La4VHE ). And
frame in a picture frame :)
- page 6 - looks good we should move the logos under "supporting osgeo"
since they are sponsor logos

*action: *Luca is scheduled to visit with Pim ASAP to get these changes
applied to the "print ready" graphics.
*action: *Print as part of initial print job if ready, if not print locally
in boston and pick up!

*A4 Information Sheets*

We have the following here:
- https://github.com/OSGeo/osgeo/blob/master/marketing/print/osgeo_a4.pdf

Luca has corrected a problem with the osgeo_a4.svg - so we should print

And Luca and others are possibly making more information sheets:

- osgeo A4 sheet - nice short alternative to brochure
- geoforall A4 sheet - a couple mistakes (extra line break, no geoscience)
but so far nobody has corrected
- foss4g A4 sheet - no point they are already at boston
- osgeo live A4 sheet
- grass A4 sheet

And because it is boston do we need to consider reformatting for Letter, or
paying more for a non standard size.

*action: *Luca is scheduled to visit with Pim ASAP to get these changes
applied to the "print ready" graphics.
*action: *Print as part of initial print job if ready, if not print locally
in boston and pick up!
Jody Garnett
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