[Marketing] Improve Sintony font?

Milena Nowotarska milena.osgeo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 11:56:30 PDT 2017

Dear Marketing Committee,

Thank you for your effort on making OSGeo more beautiful.

Trying to translate new OSGeo promotional material I forund out that one of
the new fonts - Sintony - used for our brochures do not support Polish
diacritics. Is it possible that we forgot about i18n?
There are more languages with diacritics, based on Latin alphabet. I
believe we should support those, as we are a worldwide organization.

One solution might be to improve the font which, to my knowledge, has open
license. Is that possible?

Sending also a screenshot showing how bad it might look like.

Milena Nowotarska
OSGeo Charter Member
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