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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue May 2 23:07:09 PDT 2017

There has a been a little conversation on the discussion list. I was also
sent the following feedback:

*Logo 1 *

*Did not like font*

*changes to logo make the compass star look heavy*

*Logo 2*

*Oh! Surprise. I don't hate it but wouldn't have come up with it.*

*Bold/strong image, different colours to differentiate OS and Geo. G looks
a bit like an arrow which might be fun to play with.*

*Sizing a bit off when viewed in context, OSGeo a bit smaller a little
smaller would be better*

*Logo 3*

*Softer greens*

*harder to match? do you want to move away from the OSGEO brand green?*

*Modern looking but not too corporate; looks friendly rather than buttoned
up business; suitable to open source*

*In context still looks big, or maybe it's the font choice. but logo
portion looks great small. Still not loving the G in the font.*

*Logo 4*


*Logo 5*

*Too close to spirograph*

*don't like purple*

*Branding Concept*

*News; Events; Educational etc looks legible and professional*

*Needle of the compass looks like it's missing in the B&W version*

*Letterhead looks messy*

*Business cards ok for GIS professionals but topographical would not be
meaningful to other potential partners/IT professionals*.

Jody Garnett
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