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On 7/5/17 2:30 pm, Jody Garnett wrote:

> On Sat, May 6, 2017 at 8:04 PM Cameron Shorter 
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>     * The person/organisation who benefits from a case study is mostly
>     different to the person/organisation benefiting.
> Can you expand on this sentence, I feel it is at the crux of your 
> concern/experience and may provide the context for why OSGeo would 
> have difficulty handling case studies.

The best time to write a case study is after a project completes, when 
everyone involved is still around and can remember what happened. 
However, the project the case study is being written about rarely 
benefits from the case study (as the project is already complete, and 
there is not budget allocated for it).
You don't know who will be reading the case study and what they will be 
looking for.
Will they be looking for validation that another company like themselves 
(research, medical, utility, government, ...) uses this technology?
Will they be interested in the open source story, open standards story, 
one application, stack of applications, business case, technical case, ...?
If OSGeo is building up a stack of reference case studies, how are you 
going to ensure consistent quality (which should be a requirement). This 
typically requires editorial review from a person (or team) against a 
set of standards. This is a long term time consuming commitment.

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