[Marketing] Component 3: Print Marketing Collateral Creation Review and Sign-off

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Tue Sep 12 11:52:38 PDT 2017

Hi Jody,

Did you check Google Spreadsheet list? I've put the links to the files there. The one page info sheets and brochure A4 and Letter size are provided. The eps files I provided should be editable, I made those in Adobe Illustrator. One page content files don't need a dtp programs like InDesign. Brochure needs a program like InDesign or for instance a program like Scribus. Let go through the list during the meeting tomorrow.

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> Op 12 sep. 2017 om 20:29 heeft Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:
> Okay folks it is show time, please see tab-3 for the "Component 3: Print Marketing Collateral Creation":
>>  OSGeo - Project Delivery Sign-off
>> Tab-3 provides a list of deliverables from the contract along with links to the google drive files, provided.
> Just so we stay on task here is the description of component 3:
> This activity involves creating print ready artwork (in ps, svg, psd etcetera as required) using the vector material created for Component 1, to be used to promote the foundation, its projects, initiatives and activities at events or distributed to educational institutions and other organizations for outreach. These materials are intended to provide easily digestible information about what OSGeo is and how it is relevant for GIS practitioners who may not be familiar with Open Source. These collateral items should be able to be modified and adapted by local organizations for their own purposes and in their own languages. The intention is that a local organization could download a packet of print ready artwork, modify it for their event or activity and send them to a local printer for production so should be in standard international sizes for ease of use.
> Going over the list of links provided I notice some inconsistencies; think we are going to need to spend a bit of time hunting things down.
> Letterhead / biz cards provided as EPS, not a template
> Multi Page Brouchure A4 provided, not the most up to date Letter used for Boston
> One Page Info - A4 provided, not Letter
> Project - we have many examples
> Foundation - we have a good a4 and letter example
> Local Organization / Lab - we did not do one of these
> Event - we wrote up text for foss4g but did not apply to template
> Initiative - geoforall used as an example
> Others? - we used osgeo-live as an example (is it a project or initiative? it is an other ...)
> Flyers - we did not do this one, EPS provided but not template
> we used a one page osgeo handout instead due to printing cost
> Printed Documentation Templates - this is pending
> Booth Materials
> Roll up banners - we have several examples spread over google drive folders
> Back panel posters - eps provided, looks a bit dated, text inconsistent
> Tablecloths - not sure we printed this one, EPS provided
> Buttons, magnets, stickers - we have several examples spread over google drive folders and email
> Horizontal banners - pim just provided now , not quite sure how these are used :)
> Outdoor signage - not provided, folder contains examples of how it looks not the actual sign
> T-Shirt template - pdf provided, so not editable
> Social media profile assets - provided, we have inconsistent sizing to consider between facebook, twitter, linkedin
> The big theme is locating the content produced, for content that has been provided we often have it spread across several locations we need to gather up. In a few cases we only have a final PDF or EPS file.
> 1) shared google drive folder used for this project
>>  Collateral
>> 2) delivery of large files via file transfer, and then staged in google drive print-ready folder for foss4ge and foss4g events
>>  print-ready
>> 3) github for files that have been reviewed and are shared with the community (in several cases these were not print-ready due to file size)
> https://github.com/OSGeo/osgeo/tree/master/marketing/print 
> For content that needs to be adapted (such as letterhead or biz cards) I expect a template (indesign or whatever was used). Our community members have already shown the ability to migrate to scribus (or purchase indesign) as required. 
> --
> Jody Garnett
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