[Marketing] 2020 Marketing for OSGeo and OSGeoLive

Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Mon Dec 23 11:04:31 PST 2019

Hi Marketing List --

   great to see a newly invigorated group on the email list in December 
2019  (!)

   just a quick note today to say that "prominent placement" at a major 
2020 conference is being negotiated now (more details available as 
things develop). The opportunity here includes *OSGeoLive* and 
graduate-level educational content to the knowledgeable public. The 
emphasis for this event will be on remote sensing data, machine learning 
and the software stack presented on OSGeoLive, including *CoG* and 
*STAC* (analysis-ready data), *FAIR* and open data, and environmental 

   People may know that in the last 30 months, a record number of remote 
sensing missions have been deployed to space. The data they provide is 
beginning to appear in various formats and on various platforms.

   OSGeoLive is uniquely positioned with multi-lingual documentation, 
and a single, integrated platform.  Personally I feel that OSGeo needs 
to take a balanced position, and refrain from threatening commercial 
players with wholesale replacement, but instead emphasize educational 
aspects, filling important niche needs with low-cost and open 
distribution, AND not get locked into a permanent association with 
no-budget research environments. Instead, partnering well and allowing 
others to build research groups based on the platform, and choosing 
presentation venues, presents a better long-term balance for the 
modestly supported OSGeoLive project.

   best wishes to all in this holiday season

   Brian M Hamlin

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