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Olaf Knopp olaf.knopp at wheregroup.com
Fre Jul 9 03:37:12 EDT 2010

Hallo Liste,

es hat also endlich geklappt.
PostNAS wurde in den GDAL/OGR-Trunk überführt.

Was die Fragen von Frank angeht: Da versuchen wir uns drum zu kümmern.
Es sei denn, jemnd anderes hat schon konkrete Ideen zu Webseite, Doku 
und so.

Olaf Knopp

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Von: 	Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>
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Olaf Knopp wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> as i wrote a few weeks ago we consider PostNAS as part of the gdal/ogr 
> Project and would like to integrate it.
> What is the state of the project? Did you migrate PostNAS in the 
> gdal/ogr repository?


I must have missed your earlier email or otherwise neglected it.  This
morning I have migrated the NAS code into the GDAL/OGR trunk SVN repository.

I see though that I have not provided any user documentation for the driver.
I'd like to add some brief notes at least, and pointers to related
resources.  At least I'd appreciate:

 - What does NAS expand to?
 - What wiki/web pages are available for NAS, and the PostNAS effort
   that I can reference?
 - What NAS sample data is available that is freely redistributable?

Best regards,
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