[OSGeo Oceania] 2020 board directors: 1 & 2 year terms

John Bryant johnwbryant at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 17:01:32 PST 2020

Hi OSGeo Oceania board,

Our Constitution says:

*In order to implement staggered terms [...] half of the newly-elected
> Directors will be appointed to a half term of one year. These Directors
> will volunteer or be chosen by random selection.*

The purpose of this is to make sure that in future, annual board elections
will only be for half the positions, to make sure there's continuity across

By way of a process, I propose this:

   1. Directors volunteer for 1 year terms (with 2 years being the default).
   2. If needed to re-balance, we draw straws
   <https://www.dsrw.org/~dlg/web/straws.php> to ensure we have half for
   each of 1 & 2 year terms. Since we have 9 directors this will be 4/5 or
   5/4. We can draw straws at our board meeting this coming Thursday.

For example:

   - 2 directors volunteer for a 1 year term: draw 2 straws from the
   remaining 7 directors, and the short straws take a 1 year term -> 5 @ 2
   years, 4 @ 1 year
   - 6 directors volunteer for a 1 year term: draw 1 straw from those 6
   directors, and the short straw takes a 2 year term -> 4 @ 2 years, 5 @ 1

Sound fair?

I'm happy to volunteer for a 1 year term.

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