[OpenLayers-Dev] ANN: OpenLayers 2.2 release candidate 1

Schuyler Erle sderle at metacarta.com
Fri Oct 20 15:17:08 EDT 2006

The OpenLayers Development Team is proud to announce release candidate
1 of OpenLayers 2.2. While the public API maintains backwards
compatibility with previous 2.x releases, OpenLayers 2.2-rc1
introduces a number of internal changes that are important for
developers working inside the OpenLayers library.

New Features include:

  * Overview Map Control (Thanks Tim Schaub!)
  * Mouse Position Control (Thanks Jeff Dege!)
  * GeoRSS Atom support (Thanks Sean Gilles!)
  * MapServer CGI Layer (Thanks Arnd Wipperman!)
  * Support for displaying WMS on top of Google Maps 

Other changes include:

  * Refactoring the use of Prototype.js. Rather than using
    Prototype.js, OpenLayers has integrated the important pieces of
    the Prototype framework into OpenLayers, and removed offending
    functions like Object.extend(). This means that there should no
    longer be conflicts between OpenLayers and different versions of
    Prototype, or any other Javascript framework.

  * Adding support for a 'lite' build of OpenLayers via 'build
    profiles', as described at http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/Profiles

  * Addition of a framework for customizing OpenLayers via CSS, e.g.
    Popups. (Not all aspects of the interface are customizable yet,
    e.g. pan/zoom chrome.)

  * A number of other bug fixes, as described in the 2.2 release notes,
    at http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes2.2 

To test 2.2-rc1 in your applications, include the following tag in
your OpenLayers-powered page:

  <script src="http://openlayers.org/api/2.2-rc1/OpenLayers.js"></script>

Bug reports can be filed in Trac, under the 2.2 version and milestone.

We look forward to your feedback. Thanks very much for using


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