[OpenLayers-Dev] [Dev] Re: Vectors in OpenLayers?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 16:15:46 EDT 2006

 From your email, it seems Bertil has a solid design, and not very 
different to what we have proposed.

I'm busy for the next week or 2, but hope to have time to look at the 
code after that.

Are you (or Pierre) still working on this, or interested in working on 
Vector Rendering further?

Pierre GIRAUD wrote:
> Hello all,
> This comes certainly a little late in the discussion but I'd like to
> propose the architecture design a student (Bertil CHAPUIS) worked on
> for camptocamp. This happened just before or while you also started
> thinking about it, but we didn't have time to share it.
> It may go in a different way that the one proposed in the osgeo wiki
> but here are summarized the pros and cons, or specific features of his
> model.
> --- separated geometry model and rendering system ---
> pros :
> - Javascript geometry objects are clear and easier to instanciate
> - those objects can be easily managed by new modules (WFS, etc...)
> cons :
> - this implementation may be more difficult to maintain because it is
> needed to alter the rendering engine or modules plugged on the model
> when a geometry class is modified. But this should not happen often if
> the classes follow the OGC norms at once.
> --- Editing events handlers ---
> The different rendering systems have the ability to send editing
> events (requests).
> --- Vector Layer ---
> The model and geometry features management is handled in the vector
> layer. It is sort of a features container. This helps to centralize
> the actions on data so to make the integrity management easier.
> --- Editing controlers ---
> The editing controlers manage the geometries modifications through the
> vector layer and its methods. This allows to list the previous carried
> actions and to propose cancel functionnalities.
> Constraint by a short period, he also already started to implement it
> on top of openlayers librairy.
> You can find a almost working demo at
> http://dev.camptocamp.com/~bchapuis/openlayers/examples/vector.html
> I hope you can have a look and give back comments and/or additions.
> Just note that the vml implementations isn't working completely for
> the moment.
> Regards
> Pierre GIRAUD and Bertil CHAPUIS

Cameron Shorter

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