[OpenLayers-Dev] AJAX vector rendering "gathering"

Ed Dowding ed at citysafe.org
Mon Oct 30 08:03:06 EST 2006

Hi everyone ~

I don't think I'm going to be able to make this meeting, but I'll try to
juggle things around to make it. So here's my contribution.

I work for CitySafe, and we create emergency management services and
training for public and large private sector organisations, predominantly in
the UK. 

We're moving away from our custom flash interface we built a few years back
to use OpenLayers, since it really seems to be the way forward. 

We need to be able to draw on and annotate the maps, and then run spatial
operations on the inputs (eg find all users in this polygon area). Broadly
the same - though probably more basic - as everyone else's requirements, I

Unfortunately I'm no developer, so I'm trying to help in the best way I can,
which is via UI / UX design. I'd like to gather together the requirements so
I can get started on this. Please add to
http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/VectorDrawing. I have put in some phases of
functionality development based on the use cases at
Cases I think these phases may well be wrong, so can someone who knows how
this is going to work please correct?

Good luck with the meeting - I hope it goes well and fruitfully. 

Cameron - would you mind posting the logs to a web page somewhere? 


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Subject: AJAX vector rendering "gathering"

There are a number of early implementations of AJAX GIS vector rendering 
that we are all involved in - and there seems to be a common desire to 
work together on this.

I suggest we have an IRC meeting where we can agree on a common design 
(at a high level) then volunteer for components.

that everyone who is interested join together in an IRC session in 12 
hours at:
Sydney		Tue 6:00:00 AM	UTC+11 hours EST
Amsterdam	Mon 8:00:00 PM	UTC+1 hour CET
New York	Mon 2:00:00 PM	UTC-5 hours EST
Los Angeles 	Mon 11:00:00 AM	UTC-8 hours PST
Corresponding UTC (GMT)	Monday, 30 October 2006 at 19:00:00


00 - 05: Roll Call. Confirm agenda.
05 - 10: Who is working on what, and what you plan to work on + questions.
10 - 50: Design discussion.
50 - 55: Coordinate efforts (who is working on what)
55 - 60: Arange next meeting.
60   --: Meeting close

People who have shown an interest so far:
I'm writing vector rendering code for large GML datasets, currently 
using Mapbuilder but I'd like to move the logic into OpenLayers and use 
OpenLayers for the Mapbuilder rendering engine.
With Paul Spencer, I've started putting together a design at:

Paul Spencer has written vector rendering code for OpenLayers using 
IECanvas and has been discussing a new Vector rendering design with me.

Pierre Giraud and Bertil Chapuis have implemented vector rendering in 
OpenLayers, including feature entry and editing at:

Steven Ottens needs to edit features in a browser and I think he has 
plans for working on this soon.

Ed Dowding has put together design ideas at:

Patrice Cappelaere has written SVG and VML support for GeoRSS and GML 
layers in Mapbuilder using elements of SLD for styling.

Others on the CC list have contributed to discussions. Please add your 
name and come along if you are interested.

Cameron Shorter

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