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Alan Borden alan.borden at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 18:21:27 EST 2006

I wasn't sure if maybe the dev list was a better place for the questions, so
I'm reposting with some more details.

I did attempt to solve this on my own through some google searching and
found a thread with several of the openlayers developers discussing tiling
options, here:

One of the options mentioned was IIPImage which also seems geared toward
just photos, similar to gsiv,  but there was no indication that it would
work with openlayers - and my understanding was that ka-map produces tiles
via a php script, but only for mapserver.

Looking at the settings available in openlayers, I assume it's the
projection parameter in openlayers I should be concerned with (?). I have
very little familiarity with cartographic semantics, so I just need to know
if I am on the right track. So is there a way to set a simple cartesian
coordinate system projection and feed in 256x256 tiles that are in a
directory with filenames like this:
tile-2-0-0.png ...etc.

This tile structure is what I currently get out of gsiv, but I'm happy to
use any tiling script that would make getting started with openlayers
painless. I don't care about caching, etc. yet, but I would like to use the
layering functionality.

I'd like to use this as a tool in my MSc. project in wildlife biology, but
I'm running out of time to submit my proposal. I've found a few other tools,
but openlayers seems to have the nicest client.


On 10/26/06, Alan Borden <alan.borden at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> 1. I previously played with gsiv<http://www.mojavelinux.com/projects/gsiv/>and their python
> tiling script<http://panojs.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/scripts/tilemaker.py>,
> but it was missing many of the features that openlayers has. Can I take the
> tiles generated by this script and use them in openlayers? Or, is there
> another simple tiling solution I should consider for use with openlayers?
> I don't have map data just very large images - like the mars rover image on
> the gsiv demo. Also, will I be able to define my own common coordinate
> system for these images using some arbitrary scale instead of lon/lat? I
> wasn't sure if openlayers was only intended for map data...e.g. I noticed
> the api calls were named lon or lat for coordinates
> 2. I noticed mentions of a vector graphics layer for openlayers. A project
> called dojo recently added vector graphic support in the 0.4 release, plus
> a local data store cache, and documentation tools (both of which I also saw
> mentioned in your Trac logs). So I was wondering if the openlayers team had
> seen or considered the dojo library?
> 3. Have you considered providing the 'dynamic scale bar' as dynamic x/y
> axes on the viewer box? So rather than a little scale bar, a scaled labelled
> axis would be drawn on the vertical/horizontal components of the viewer box
> each time the pan/zoom status is updated? It seems more intuitive and
> informative to me.
> Thanks,
> alan
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