[OpenLayers-Dev] Exact bounding box of WMS untiled request

Erik Uzureau erik.uzureau at metacarta.com
Wed Apr 25 20:50:42 EDT 2007

Ed, there is an event on map called "zoomend", will that help you? It is
fired after the zoom has taken place.

re #2 -- you want openlayers to automatically resize itself to the
dimensions of a zoom rectangle box...? That's not a currently supported


On 4/25/07, Ed Fialkowski <edfialk at gmail.com> wrote:
> okay, I believe I'm pretty close.  I'm trying not to be a pain.
> I have the bounding box for the WMS request matching the viewable area for
> the map.  This is good.  It has nothing to do with maxExtent, but it's a
> definable area I can work with.
> Now, my problem comes with zooming.
> When zooming, it seems OpenLayers uses the same pre-defined layer, but
> simply provides a new bounding box for the WMS overlay.
> I need a small step to intercede here.  I need to change one of my url
> parameters to the layer each time the user zooms.
> So, question #1: Is there a zoom listener or way for me to edit the map
> zoom function?
> question #2: Is there a way to disable the auto-snap proportion that is
> used for the rubber band zoom selection box? If a user makes a zoom box that
> is way out of proportion (tall and skinny, for ex.) OpenLayers doesn't use
> the exact box that was defined, it changes to preserve the proportionality
> of the map.  If there is not a way to disable this feature, does anyone know
> the proportion that Openlayers uses?
> Hope that makes sense.
> Thanks all so much for help!
> -Ed
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