[OpenLayers-Dev] Exact bounding box of WMS untiled request

Ed Fialkowski edfialk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 16:15:05 EDT 2007

okay, I believe I'm pretty close.  I'm trying not to be a pain.

I have the bounding box for the WMS request matching the viewable area for
the map.  This is good.  It has nothing to do with maxExtent, but it's a
definable area I can work with.

Now, my problem comes with zooming.

When zooming, it seems OpenLayers uses the same pre-defined layer, but
simply provides a new bounding box for the WMS overlay.

I need a small step to intercede here.  I need to change one of my url
parameters to the layer each time the user zooms.

So, question #1: Is there a zoom listener or way for me to edit the map zoom

question #2: Is there a way to disable the auto-snap proportion that is used
for the rubber band zoom selection box? If a user makes a zoom box that is
way out of proportion (tall and skinny, for ex.) OpenLayers doesn't use the
exact box that was defined, it changes to preserve the proportionality of
the map.  If there is not a way to disable this feature, does anyone know
the proportion that Openlayers uses?

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks all so much for help!
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