[OpenLayers-Dev] Exact bounding box of WMS untiled request

Ed Fialkowski edfialk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 14:04:57 EDT 2007

We have point datasets that are basically values for random lat/lon
locations around the country.
We have a method for converting these point datasets into a grid.
The grid resolution (width of image / # of cells in a row) is what I need to
be able to change.

Basically I need to be able to set the number of rows and number of columns
in the WMS request.

Some of the time the resolution for the grid is one degree by one degree, so
the number of rows and columns is equal to the lat and lon for the request.
This can change, but either way I either need to be able to set the exact
bounding box of the image that comes back, or find out what the exact
bounding box is in my javascript before I send off the request.

Any further questions at all, I'll respond ASAP.
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