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you did more or less what I did few weeks ago - but never found time to
put it in proper shape for the tracker :)

There was an idea about having addons repository. Code like this could
go there.


Dejung Gewissler píše v Pá 14. 12. 2007 v 17:18 -0500:
> Hey Everyone,
> I just wanted to let anyone interested in taking on the Popup issue
> (looks like rdewit is stepping up based on the ticket #926 feedback)
> of my findings in trying to implement CouldAmbers codebase with the
> current trunk. BTW- Thanks CloudAmber for getting us so far along on
> this!
> I started with their code base and did the following:
>      1. Split the code into three files that work with the current OL
>         trunk. CloudAmber's seem to use an older version of class
>         construction.
>      2. Improved the ShiftMap function [now called ShiftMapThinker()
>         which calls ShiftMapWorker()] so that map could be placed
>         anywhere on the screen and the panning would still work. Some
>         of CloudAmbers original calculations were dependent on the
>         browsers windows width/left position and wouldn't work quite
>         right if the map were floated to the right, etc.
>      3. Created an intermediate function [ShiftMapThinker()] to
>         predetermine the map panning interval amounts based on the
>         SlideAnimationTime divided by the SlideTimerInterval. The way
>         it is currently implemented in their sandbox isn't really true
>         to that concept, as the multiple map pans generally take
>         longer than the SlideTimerInterval. My intermediate function
>         creates the map pan action plan and then executes it, saving
>         us from potential freak outcomes (like almost making it to the
>         destination location, but then your anti-virus software scans
>         a file and then the timer gets out of wack and the map is sent
>         to Tahiti).
>      4. The map pan is executed by a simple recursive function
>         [ShiftMapWorker()] that pans both X and Y directions
>         simultaneously and in the process times itself out. The
>         current sandbox implementation pans X and Y separately,
>         resulting in entirely too many map pans to get the job done...
>         and a lot of the time continues to run after the panning has
>         stopped... why I don't know.
>      5. A memory leak that seems to exist in the old classes is
>         removed, as now the popup object itself is not copied
>         recursively to pan the map and because X and Y are panned at
>         the same time. 
>      6. In IE7 if the first tag element is a div and it is set to
>         "float:left" and the OpenLayers div is within it but set to
>         "float:right" like in the (example below) the scrollWidth
>         would be zero. It seems that IE7 doesn't want to allow
>         anything left of screen left (like setting your off-screen
>         rendered popup to "left:-99999999px") -- Firefox of course
>         doesn't have this problem... Creating a parent div for the
>         off-screen rendering and setting it to "float:none" fixes the
>         problem. 
> The following is a link where you can find an app with the popups
> alive:
> The code can found here:
> I noticed that in the ticket there were some complaints about
> overriding the original functionality of popups. This code still does
> that.
> If anyone is interested in pursuing this, send me an email. Even if
> new code is created for the popup classes, I would like help out where
> I can.
> Thanks,
> Dejung
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