[OpenLayers-Dev] Testing in FF3.0

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Sun Dec 16 20:27:30 EST 2007

Testing in the FF3.0 beta brings up a bug in our Format.XML tests:


   var doc = format.read(text);
        "node can be appended to a doc root");

fails with:

"Node cannot be used in a document other than the one in which it was
created", which is described at:


I have no idea if IE supports importNode/adoptNode, but the test will
have to be fixed to work in FF 3.0.

This is used in createTextNode and createElementNS tests.

Also, apparently the XML DOM serializer now sticks in an encoding of
UTF-8, even though that's the default, so a test is failing there.

And lastly, the event pane test is getting an extra test pass:

test_10_Layer_EventPane_setMap planned 3 assertions but got 4; fail 0 ok

ok layer pane is 1 z-level above its div

ok warning correctly registered on no mapObject load

ok warning not registered on mapObject load

ok got mouse move

Looking at the code, it seems like this means that something related to
Firefox not doing the right thing has been fixed, since we had been
special casing IE/Opera to have four tests here instead of three, so I
guess this is just 'new, correct' behavior that we need to fix the tests

Christopher Schmidt

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