[OpenLayers-Dev] tiling with watermarks + labels

Emanuel Schütze emanuel at intevation.de
Mon May 7 13:24:06 EDT 2007


there are 2 gerneral problems if you use tiling in tile-based web mapping 
clients (like OpenLayers):

1. Some WMS create for _any_ map a scalebar, logo or watermark. If you use 
tiling, it looks really terrible: look at the demos [1] and [2].
Are there already any proposals to solve this problem?

2. Another problem of tiling are labels. If you have a label, which overlaps 
the tile border, it will clip and doesn't continue in the neighbor tile. Demo 
[1] shows this effect.
Anybody already disussed some new methods to improve this?

I'm currently writing my thesis about usability in web mapping applications 
("smart map browsing") using the example of OpenLayers. Therfor I search some 
informations about trends and problems of tiling. I'm looking forward to 
getting your replies. Many thanks in adavance!

Best regards,


PS: Please answer, if possible, to dev at openlayers.org!

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