[OpenLayers-Dev] EPSG:41001

Gilbert, Antoine AGilbert at korem.com
Thu May 24 11:07:56 EDT 2007

For example a tile 256x256 is assumed to have long lat ratio 1x1, but in
a map using 41001 this long lat ratio does not make a square. That's why
I don't understand the 1x1 concept

Here is an example of URL I build with the bounds


Here is my javascript/html

var lon = -71.223;
var lat = 46.8159;
var zoom = 15;
var map, layer;
function init(){
	map = new OpenLayers.Map("map", {maxExtent: new
OpenLayers.Bounds(-20037508.34, -20037508.34, 20037508.34, 20037508.34),
units: 'meters', projection: "EPSG:41001"});
	layer = new OpenLayers.Layer.PnsImage2( "OpenLayers PnsImage2", 
                        baseHREF+"ImageServlet", {layers: 'basic',
projection: "EPSG:41001"});
      map.setCenter(new OpenLayers.LonLat(lon, lat), zoom);
      map.addControl( new OpenLayers.Control.PanZoomBar() );

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On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 10:16:28AM -0400, Gilbert, Antoine wrote:
> Ya, even while using the new OpenLayers.Map 41001 constructor example
> still wondering why my getURL method still receiving bounds in long
> and in the x-y ratio 1-1 for each tile. I was assuming I would get
> bounds in the 41001 format.

Projections make the ratio of the bounds 1:1. Can you give example HTML
and an example tile URL you are getting?

Christopher Schmidt

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