[OpenLayers-Dev] Different lon and lat map resolution (and other issues)

Christian López Espínola penyaskito at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 12:58:11 EDT 2007

Hi Jachym,

> what do you understand with "test" ? Is it working demo?

He is talking about Unit Tests.
See "How to create a patch", http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/CreatingPatches,
where you'll find how to write those unit tests.

> IMHO, the patch with new feature should be accepted always, unless there
> is some serious reason for not accepting it. Patches in general are
> supposed to add new features - make the software more customizable for
> everyones needs. If now I'm the only one, who needs it, who can say,
> there will be nobody in the future?

I understand your frustration, but the patches have to been reviewed.
New code brings new bugs, so OL devs have to be cautious with it. My
experience show me that new features patches need more time than bug
fixes for going into the trunk, but if they are good, they'll go.
I have contributed some patch to OL. Some of them are into the trunk,
but otherst still not. Anyway, if someone needs them, they can find
them in the trac and apply them on their local copy or sandbox.
Patience :-)

> If I understand your last sentence right - we are expected to keep our
> patches fresh for several weeks or months? If so, I would have to ask,
> if there could be some better development model(?).

I have contributed to some opensource projects, not only OL, and my
experience shows me that the development model in OL is one of the
betters I have participated. Code reviews, unit tests, the great way
of using trac... Anyway, if you know how to improve it, I'm sure all
of us will be glad of reading suggestions :-)

> It is not going only about this one issue - I have several other
> improvements, Marker/Label.js, Popup.js, LayerSwitcher.js and others.
> But I'm asking myself, if it is worth the work, to prepare patches, if
> nobody even reviews them :-(

If they improve the OL framework, I'm sure they'll be welcome.


Christian López Espínola

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