[OpenLayers-Dev] Are there enough OpenLayers committers? (Was Re: Different lon and lat map resolution (and other issues))

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 19:48:49 EDT 2007

I have to clarify this

Christopher Schmidt píše v Pá 02. 11. 2007 v 18:59 -0400:
> You're comparing a 25 year old project to an 18 month old project and
> wondering why we have fewer developers?

no, I was not refering to the number of developers, I was refering to
the model, who get's the trunk write access. GRASS also has *much* more
lines of code. Given this, I would say, OpenLayers do have much better
code/developer ratio, than GRASS will ever have.

>  If OpenLayers continues to grow
> at the same rate it has (gaining 4 new developers, and losing one, over
> 18 months) by the time it's as mature as GRASS, we'll have 57 core
> committers. Given that, I think the comparison is slightly unfair.
> OpenLayers is a *very young* project. We're still the newest kid on the
> block. You can't expect the same from it that you can from a project
> like GRASS -- that's just an example of unreasonable expecations. 

Again, I was not refering to any capabilities, but to development model.
I wanted to show, that it is possible to trust more in people. Yes,
OpenLayers is young, compared to GRASS. But this is it's advantage: did
you ever look at the development documentation of GRASS? There is
*none*. Did you try to understand code structure of GRASS? There is
*none*. This is result from more then 25 years of development. So
"young" in this sense is *big* plus for OpenLayers. OpenLayers's code is
great - even non-programmer like me is able to follow it's logic. Well
commented, "nice looking" code. GRASS should learn from OpenLayers, how
to make the code.

> In time, the project committers list will grow, as more and more
> developers become competent enough with the code base to demonstrate the
> ability to become core committers.

I agree with this. Everything needs time

I hope, we understand each other now. I was not asking, why OpenLayers
is not doing something, like any other project. I was just trying to
encourage you, if there is someone, who "nearly deserves" trunk write
access, she can IMHO have it. More developers - more work done and
people will usually not misuse their power. Nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, I can not advice PSC, what it should decide. I just wanted to
show IMHO working example.

> Regards,
Jachym Cepicky
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