[OpenLayers-Dev] Handler.Feature question and patch

Eric Lemoine eric.c2c at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 17:17:29 EST 2007

Hello Tim and all,

I've started working on changing things in Handler.Feature. Currently
Handler.Feature has the notion of feature selection, which I think it
shouldn't. The feature selection logic must be in
Control.SelectFeature and not elsewhere. For example, I don't think
Handler.Feature should keep a reference to a feature, this should be
done in the upper-level object - the SelectFeature control. In
addition, keeping references to selected objects is done in the vector
layer, so that's another reason for Handler.Feature not to keep any
reference on selected feature.

I'm attaching a patch to get a sense on what I'm doing. This isn't
complete, as it most probably breaks Control.DragFeature. But you'll
note that the patch simplifies the code, most notably it removes the
complex select() method in Handler.Feature.

What do you think? Does some work on that direction make sense?

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