[OpenLayers-Dev] Handler.Feature question and patch

Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Fri Nov 9 12:11:58 EST 2007


Eric Lemoine wrote:
> Hello Tim and all,
> I've started working on changing things in Handler.Feature. Currently
> Handler.Feature has the notion of feature selection, which I think it
> shouldn't. The feature selection logic must be in
> Control.SelectFeature and not elsewhere. For example, I don't think
> Handler.Feature should keep a reference to a feature, this should be
> done in the upper-level object - the SelectFeature control. In
> addition, keeping references to selected objects is done in the vector
> layer, so that's another reason for Handler.Feature not to keep any
> reference on selected feature.

I agree that this code needs reworking.

I think the selection logic should be pushed to the vector layer.

It's a hassle that you have to have a select feature control to be able 
to select/unselect a feature.

The select feature control could still have options for multiple or 
single select, but it should pass the appropriate argument on to a 
selectFeature method on the layer.

Sorry I cant give more time to your patch right now, but I agree that 
things should be changed here.


> I'm attaching a patch to get a sense on what I'm doing. This isn't
> complete, as it most probably breaks Control.DragFeature. But you'll
> note that the patch simplifies the code, most notably it removes the
> complex select() method in Handler.Feature.
> What do you think? Does some work on that direction make sense?
> Thanks,
> --
> Eric
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