[OpenLayers-Dev] Layers and options "scales", "minScale",...

Sébastien Roch roch.sebastien at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 10:04:59 EST 2007

Hi Dev,
I noticed something using the option "scales" with a KaMap layer
(should do the same with other type of layers I think) :
context is the folowing :
- map with these scales : [300000,150000,60000,30000,15000,7500,6000,4000,2000]
- a normal kaMap baselayer
- an overlay, with these options :
{ isBaseLayer:false,
visibility: false,
scales: [30000,15000,7500,6000,4000,2000] }

I begin at scale 60000. Then if I zoom in (the overlay is then in
range), I noticed in Firebug that the tiles of the overlay are
loading, *even if it is invisible*. This happens only when the overlay
was not in range before zooming and becomes in range after having
zoomed : if I then zoom further, overlay is not loading anymore.
You can see this here : [1]
I tried to use other options like minScale, maxScale, minResolution,
but they are always overwritten I don't know where.

I'll make a ticket if you don't tell me I'm wrong with something.

[1] : http://test.gastro.swissgeo.ch/bugLoading/

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