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Pierre GIRAUD bluecarto at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 10:28:47 EST 2007

As proposed by Chris on the IRC, I would like to discuss some minor
issues with our Ajax handler.

As you probably know, the Ajax handler in OpenLayers was just copied
from prototype (version 1.4 ?). After the WebMap BOF in Lausanne at
FOSS42006, we got rid of prototype and modified code to get our own
OpenLayers.Ajax namespace and relative classes.

Then prototype got updated and we tried to follow it, and upgraded our own code.
A new bug found with synchronous request calling the onsuccess
callback twice made me consider a new update.

I got it working (I think) and a patch is attached to the ticket
#1170. It obviously needs review.

What I want to discuss here is the fact that prototype has a specific
handler for JSON responses (Content-type header of application/json).
This isn't really new, and we already put some JSON relative code in
our classes and method, though nobody knows it exists and really uses
In my new patch, I chose to completely remove this JSON support.

However, I would like to get your opinion on that. Would OpenLayers
users be interested in having this sort of feature available ?
One other note about that : the new 1.6.0 prototype Ajax API has been
improved and now lets the user access a new responseJSON member.
Give a look at http://www.prototypejs.org/2007/8/15/prototype-1-6-0-release-candidate
and search for Ajax.

This probably needs more explanation, don't hesitate to ask.


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#1170: Ajax handler update
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 Here is a new patch with a complete update to match the 1.6.0 prototype
 Some snippets of the code were not bring to OpenLayers. This concerns the
 JSON evaluator built in prototype. I'll drop a note on that in the dev

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