[OpenLayers-Dev] WMS GetCapabilities Requst

Ganesh Jothikumar ganeshjothikumar at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 12:47:56 EST 2007

Hi Lorenzo

                Thank you very much for the help. I have a question. Is there a way I can directly get the bounding box values for a layer using WMS Manager APIs. Because the reason I want to do WMS GetCapabilities is to get this info only. If WMS GetCapabilities is the only way then I am not sure how to do it using WMS Manager. Can you show me with an example ( making a WMS GetCapabilities to a WMS server request and after parsing the received XML ). Any help is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Hi Ganesh,
I've made an external module for OpenLayers that does what you want (maybe).
The name is WMS Manager [1].
There's a blog post that explain how to use it in the easy way [2].
there's a live application the shows it working [3].

The code is not that clean but inside the WMS Manager Control there are 
a few tricks to make GetCapabilities work smoothly with Mapserver and 
Geoserver, and some other WMS servers. Not all vendors are supported. I 
consider this code still in Beta phase; I'm still developing new 
features that I need for my project.

I'll be available for further explanations.

[1] http://www.ominiverdi.org/index.php/openlayers

Ganesh Jothikumar wrote:
> Hi rldhont
>                Thanks for the reply. yes I am aware of the XML format. 
> And thanks for the example also. But what I want is how to make the 
> /*WMS GetCapabilities*/ request from Java Script using the OL APIs. It 
> will be very helpfult if someone could help me with a few lines of code..
> Thanks
> ganesh
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> You can use XML Format. Look at the source code of this example :
> http://openlayers.org/dev/examples/xml.html
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> René-Luc D'Hont
> 3Liz SARL
> blog: http://3liz.org/blog/rldhont
> Ganesh Jothikumar a écrit :
> > Hi All
> > 
> >        I am using OpenLayers with GeoServer. I am using OpenLayers
> > JavaScript APIs to render the WMS layers present in GeoServer. Of the
> > layers I have one base layer and multiple overlays. Now I need to
> > specify the bounding box values for the base map coverage layer in the
> > OpenLayers.WMS function (maxExtent : bounds ) For thst I need to get
> > the values from the GeoServer. After consulting the GeoServer guys I
> > came to know that I have to do a WMS GetCapabilities request and parse
> > the returned XML to get the BBox for my layer. What I want to know is
> > how to make a WMS GetCapabilities request using OpenLayers and parse
> > the returned XML. Any example would be highly useful. Or let me know
> > if there is any other way of solving this...
> > 
> > Thanks in advance
> > ganesh
> > 
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