[OpenLayers-Dev] "Future" Milestone

Erik Uzureau erik.uzureau at metacarta.com
Mon Oct 8 20:55:58 EDT 2007

Dear dev,

Just a quick administrative note. Recently, cr5 came up with the idea
of and created the "Future" milestone.

This implies a small change in general ticket policy, so I thought I'd
mention it here just to clarify.

The idea is that when you make a new ticket, you should leave the
milestone field *blank*. This will indicate to us that it has not been
reviewed/evaluated yet. Once one of us has had a chance to look at the
ticket and determine where it belongs in the roadmap, we will assign
it the appropriate milestone.

Those tickets which are deemed valid but not a priority for the moment
will be slated into "Future".

You'll note that this is merely a reflection of the developer
resources that we have right now for the project. Marking a ticket
"Future" by no means prevents it from getting into the next OL
release, it only means that we do not have the resources to put
towards completing it on our own.

If you are working on one of these "Future" tickets and can make a
good patch for it, we are certainly still open to reviewing it. Please
notify us by sending an email to this dev list, saying something like
"Hey, I've made a patch for ticket #X and I think it's ready for

As always, please let us know your thoughts or concerns.


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