[OpenLayers-Dev] Problem with Safari on Mac

Antonio volpicelli at oato.inaf.it
Thu Oct 11 17:29:32 EDT 2007

Hi guys,
I was just trying the 2.5. There are a lot of work done and I want say 
I am having some troubles with safari on Mac to run many examples. This 
is the first time I am using this browser on this platform (Safari on 
Windows works well) and I don't know if the 2.5 or all old releases had 
the same problem.
If I remember well there was something as "Safari need to load a unique 
js file, it doesn't like much to load multiple js files".
Could be this the problem?
In the example.html when I try to uncheck the Overlay layer "DM 
Solution" it is hidden  but when I check it again it is no more showed.

Thanks again


             volpicelli at oato.inaf.it

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