[OpenLayers-Dev] SVG line rendering bug on pan

Andre Lockhart andre at covaluate.com
Fri Oct 12 13:41:46 EDT 2007

I am working on an application where I am drawing lines over a map using the
OL SVG graphics  API. 


This is a problem with dragging the map after the line has already been


After dragging the map and seeing the OpenLayers lines move with the drag
event, I have noticed that when I lift my finger off the left mouse button
the line re-renders at its former location for an instant then disappears. I
was wondering if there was a trick to suppressing this. The goal would be to
have a smooth movement of the map and drawing layer and not see flicker and
skew of the drawn features.


Where in the source code would we go to fix this bug? 


I didn't see an open bug on this, so how do I get it logged?





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