[OpenLayers-Dev] Addins Directory

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu Oct 18 11:14:52 EDT 2007

> To me this is definitely not 'use at your own risk': these are things
> that are meant to work with OpenLayers. If they don't, that's a problem,
> and the project has a responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen.
> If we find that an addin is not 'up to snuff' -- that is, it's
> consistently broken, or it's not being maintained -- then in my mind, 
> it doesn't go into addins -- and if it's already there, we consider
> taking it out.  
> Make sense?

it make sense to me.

I think this can be a first try. I know I'll have to clean up the WMS 
Manager stuff before applying as AddIn.
actually I'll try to make it an OWS Manager. I have some code for 
[$%&]Context  and for Catalogue that I've started joining.


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