[OpenLayers-Dev] Developement of an external vector symbol

Ian Mayo ian at planetmayo.com
Thu Oct 18 13:14:31 EDT 2007

I'm afraid I can't offer an opinion on your languages challenge.  It
would be great if there was a pre-existing file-format for vector
symbols, then we just specify filenames rather than hard-code the
vectored shapes.

I'm currenlty working on provision of per-entry icons (images) for
georss feeds. [1].  I've made good progress, but may have to pause my
efforts for the next 7 days, see my demo at: [2].   Had you considered
using the symbols on a per-entry fashion in a georss feed?  I suspect
it's fortunate I've got a self-induced development pause: it would
seem to be worth offering per-entry symbols as well as icons.

Appreciate your thoughts/opinions.


1. http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/1073
2. http://dev.openlayers.org/sandbox/ianmayo/branches/rss/openlayers/examples/georss.html

Ian Mayo
PlanetMayo Ltd

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