[OpenLayers-Dev] Layers into Groups

Gertjan van Oosten gertjan at West.NL
Fri Oct 19 07:17:04 EDT 2007

As quoted from "Steven M. Ottens" <steven at minst.net>:
> The mapbuilder code uses
> //wmc:ResourceList/wmc:Layer[wmc:Extension/wmc:Group/@name=$GroupName]
> So this means that it selects the layers which have a group-extension.

The grouping thing is only supported in the OWSContext spec I believe
(not in the WMC).  The future of the OWSContext spec is unclear to me, BTW.

> I believe the structure is hierarchical, so using group/layer approach 
> should be consistent with the OWS spec.
> But I'm not the real expert, I though gertjan did the grouping code, but 
> could be wrong.

I don't think I did that, I seem to recall Olivier (Cc'ed) did that?

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