[OpenLayers-Dev] Layers into Groups

olivier.terral olivier.terral at geomatys.fr
Fri Oct 19 12:47:27 EDT 2007


Sorry , I think it's  Vincent Schut who did that but I 've often 
manipulated  Group layers .

I don't know what is it specified in OWS spec but I know  what is done 
in Mapbuilder.
We have choosen to add <Group> in an Extension tag because the spec was 
not clear with groups and the Extension tag permits to add everything we 
want  (that's I've understood).

All groups are specified inside the  General/Extension tags :

                <Group name="groupe1" folded="1"/>
                <Group name="groupe2" folded="1"/>

and if a Layer is a member of a Group, it's specified in its extension 
tag like said Steven

<Layer queryable="1" hidden="0">
			<Server service="wms" version="1.1.1" title="geo-demo15">
			<OnlineResource xlink:type="simple" xlink:href="/geoserver/wms?" />
				<Format current="1">image/png</Format>
				<Group name="groupe2" />

But actually, this way of define groups is very limited because there is 
only one level possible.

May be we should improve this solution to permit a tree view as I've 
seen in the demo of Armïn


Gertjan van Oosten a écrit :
> As quoted from "Steven M. Ottens" <steven at minst.net>:
>> The mapbuilder code uses
>> //wmc:ResourceList/wmc:Layer[wmc:Extension/wmc:Group/@name=$GroupName]
>> So this means that it selects the layers which have a group-extension.
> The grouping thing is only supported in the OWSContext spec I believe
> (not in the WMC).  The future of the OWSContext spec is unclear to me, BTW.
>> I believe the structure is hierarchical, so using group/layer approach 
>> should be consistent with the OWS spec.
>> But I'm not the real expert, I though gertjan did the grouping code, but 
>> could be wrong.
> I don't think I did that, I seem to recall Olivier (Cc'ed) did that?
> Regards,

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