[OpenLayers-Dev] Features added to vector layer don't rescale when map extent changes

David Fuhry dfuhry at acm.org
Tue Aug 12 23:40:25 EDT 2008

I add a new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector to my map, several 
OpenLayers.Feature.Vectors to that layer using 
vector_layer.drawFeature(), then call map.zoomToExtent().  When the map 
is zoomed, the vector features remain in a static state,  rendered for 
the original extent, not the new zoomed extent.

I would like the features to be rescaled when the map is zoomed / 
panned.  I've tried passing { isFixed: false } to the 
OpenLayers.Layer.Vector constructor without success.  Is this not an 
envisioned use case of a OpenLayers.Layer.Vector layer with manually 
added features?

I notice the SVG renderer scales the features into screen coordinates. 
I'm willing to pay the performance hit of rescaling the features on each 
pan / zoom since I render a bounded number of them.  Or, maybe there is 
interest in an implementation which adds svg elements in native map 
coordinates and just modifies the svg viewBox="x y width height" 
attribute on zoom/pan, which leaves the rescaling to the browser.  I've 
had success building such an implementation like in the past.

I skimmed the mailing lists back to January without finding info on 
this.  Can someone point out where I've erred, or recommend the best way 
to implement this?


Dave Fuhry

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