[OpenLayers-Dev] OL internal (vector) feature organisation / #1666

Lars Lingner ml at lingner.eu
Wed Aug 13 16:39:41 EDT 2008

Hello developers,

I want to contribute some time of mine to the OL Project and you can
read about the topic my email [1] to the users-list

There are also open tickets regarding this topic namely #434 [2] and
#1666 [3]

Before someone can start implementing a solution, I think we need first
the solution. As Andreas Hocevar replied in [1] and the ticket comments
in [2] show, there might be more than one solution.

There was even a project for Google SoC named "Improved Vector Feature
Selection" [4]. I suspect that nobody is working on this topic, but
maybe I'm wrong.

How would someone (like me) start working on such an project?
If there are still developers interested in, it would be nice to hear
some comments.



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