[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers Architect - GSoC 2008 Project Stats Report 4

Erik Hazzard enoex1 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 19:42:00 EDT 2008

Finished up javascript code generation
Began work on CSS code generation

Well, this is my last official weekly status report for OLArchitect
for GSoC 2008.  I will, however, submit a final status report on
Sunday night as the project deadline is monday, and once the summer of
code is over I will still work on the project and I will maintain
updates on my blog / less frequent updates here.  Before I begin, I
want to thank Chris Schmidt for all the great help he's given and I
couldn't have asked for a better mentor.  I wish I had his time
management skills.  I'd also like to thank Tim Schaub and Cameron
Shorter for their assistance.  This past week I've made a lot of
progress with the project, and apart from some testing in IE I am
nearly finished.  The biggest goal I accomplished this past week was
finishing up the javascript code generation.  The project now (nearly)
works as it was designed to - the map can be configured, layers can be
created, and controls can be added.  There are still some minor tweaks
I'd like to do, but overall it works as it was originally intended to.
 Some advanced configuration options are not yet implemented, but
advanced configuration is outside the scope of the GSoC project.  Most
of the examples that come with OpenLayers can be replicated in
OLArchitect's current state.
There are a few things that currently do not work fully and a few
things that I do not forsee working before the project deadline.
1. Position of controls within panels
-Currently, panel location is configurable but control position within
the panels are not.  The controls within panels work, but their
position is for now limited to being placed sequentially one after
2. Theme Creation
-I was skeptical from the beginning if I would have time to finish the
theme creation aspect of the project, and I do not think that it will
be implemented in time.  This means that some controls may be limited
in their position to their default position.

My project has deviated quite a bit from the original outline I
submitted, but I feel that all the changes that have been made have
been for the better.  Some of the original functionality has been
phased out, but overall I feel that the project has been a success.
There is still nearly a week before the deadline, and still time to
make even more progress.
I plan to accomplish the following by monday:
-Ensure javascript code generation works for most the examples that
come with OpenLayers
-Make sure things don't break terribly in IE
-Get as far as possible with theme / CSS code generation
-Debug, tweak and polish.  The base functionality is in place, but I
want to clean it up and make it more user friendly, since this is an
application geared towards people with little to no programming

I'll be giving a final update sunday night.  For night, feel free to
check it out at http://olarchitect.com
The blog can still be found at http://vasir.net/blog/olarchitect

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