[OpenLayers-Dev] Question in regards to drawing features and image layer

Darko Radiceski radiceski at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 08:15:37 EDT 2008

Greetings all,

I finaly managed to get my head around how to make the open layers image
layer works with a dynamic image producer.

If someone needs help a hand with that please let us know.

The purpose of my email is to ask for some help in regards to drawing
features on top of the image layer and picking up the x and y values.

For example i would like to be able to draw a lines and polygons and also
pick up the end points of them once the drawing is completed.

Does anyone have any examples of how i could achieve that?

There are few examples for drawing features but none of them feature picking
the x and y values from the end points of the line or the polygon?

Also one more question that has got me worried. Is it possible to create a
feature drawing tool that forces the line to be able to be drawn
only verticaly?

Any advice will be much much apreciated.

If you can point us to some resources to have a read at it would be great.

Thank you.


Radiceski Dan
University of Wollongong
SIFE - UOW Chapter - Alumni
(School of Information Technology and Computer Science,University of
Univeristy of Wollongong - Alumni
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