[OpenLayers-Dev] Question in regards to drawing features and image layer

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Mon Aug 18 09:08:33 EDT 2008

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 10:15:37PM +1000, Darko Radiceski wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I finaly managed to get my head around how to make the open layers image
> layer works with a dynamic image producer.
> If someone needs help a hand with that please let us know.
> The purpose of my email is to ask for some help in regards to drawing
> features on top of the image layer and picking up the x and y values.
> For example i would like to be able to draw a lines and polygons and also
> pick up the end points of them once the drawing is completed.
> Does anyone have any examples of how i could achieve that?
> There are few examples for drawing features but none of them feature picking
> the x and y values from the end points of the line or the polygon?


> Also one more question that has got me worried. Is it possible to create a
> feature drawing tool that forces the line to be able to be drawn
> only verticaly?

There is no current capability like this in OpenLayers, but it wouldn't
be impossible to add. You'd probably need to get down and dirty in the

Christopher Schmidt

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