[OpenLayers-Dev] Addins Policies

Eric Lemoine eric.c2c at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 04:02:52 EDT 2008

Thanks for the Policies section Erik, this is great, and I'm fully in
line with the current policies.

One thing though: currently if an addin maintainer wants to include
unit tests for his addin he will need to include the test framework in
his addin tree, right? This will lead to having one test framework per
addin. Do we want that, or do we want the addins to share the test
framework. Maybe the more general question is: are the addins pieces
of a whole, or are they fully standalone pieces of software?

I think i'd go for a mix of that: they are "standalone" in the sense
that they don't rely on eachother (in opposite to the controls for
example); however, they share the test framework, meaning that the
test framework code would go under the addins directory alongside the
addins themselves.


2008/8/30, Erik Uzureau <euzuro at gmail.com>:
> Dear dev,
> In response to Eric's very good questions below, I have added a new
> section to the
> wiki/Addins page called 'Policies' which are a general summary of the
> various
> discussions we have had on and offline with different members of the
> project steering
> committee.
> It is not by any means, however, written in stone. If you have
> opinions on what I've
> written up there or additions or modifications, please do not hesitate
> to bring them
> up... or even just directly add them to the wiki.
> The real idea behind the /addins directory is to provide an open space
> for developers
> who have created cool tools that are finished code and might be
> helpful for other
> developpers... but that don't quite make sense in the main trunk of the
> project.
> In that spirit, we would like to institute the least possible in terms
> of rules and regulations.
> We just want the bare minimum to ensure a basic standard for /addins
> so that people
> will take them seriously and actually take the time to use them.
> As always, feedback welcomed.
> ERik
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> Subject: Re: [OpenLayers-Dev] Call for votes: Bookmark Control
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> +1
> I'd have a couple questions related to addins though. Are addins bound
> to a particular OL version? What if a addin doesn't work with trunk,
> can this block a release? Do we plan to have unit tests for addins ?
> Will they be part of OL unit tests ? Maybe these maintainance issues
> have already been worked out, if so I'd appreciate if someone could
> summarize the way we deal with that.
> Eric
> 2008/8/27, Paul Spencer <pspencer at dmsolutions.ca>:
>> Very nice!  +1
>> Paul
>> On 27-Aug-08, at 1:12 AM, Erik Uzureau wrote:
>>> I think hpbrantley's Bookmark control is ready to be added to the
>>> openlayers /addins directory.
>>> If you have an opinion, please chime in with a vote.
>>> I'm +1
>>> erik
>>> for more info, see:
>>> http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/Addins/Bookmark
>>> http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/1583
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